Responsibility for environment and resources


Apart from social and ethical commitments, West-Chemie has defined clear goals for the improvement of our environmental balance. Focal issues are eco-compatible manufacturing together with responsible use of resources – energy in particular. Our vision is a profitable company that accepts responsibility for humans and the environment to a high degree.

Acting instead of reacting!
West-Chemie is the first manufacturer of rigid PVC compounders who has changed completely from lead to Ca/Zn stabilizer systems in its production cycle. With this measure, we have already exceeded the industry's voluntary commitment totally and much earlier than agreed.

Ambitious energy policy
For West-Chemie, the year 2016 is greatly influenced by the preparation and implementation of an energy management system acc. to DIN EN 50001. With this energy policy, the company has committed itself to reduce its energy consumption and the associated CO2 emissions continuously and lastingly. The guidelines for this are the energy targets specified by company management every year, based on past consumption and production data, and also on the efficiency assessments for the planned measures. Essential for achieving the targets is the inclusion and motivation of all employees and service providers, because the energy policy covers all areas and processes in our company. Only in this way can a significant improvement of the energy balance be ensured.